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Comprehensive Care at Gainesville Sunday Dental

Dr. Anh T. Pham has a passion for ensuring that all her patients receive quality and compassionate care tailored to their unique needs and concerns. She makes sure your teeth shine their brightest and function properly. The relationships she cultivates allows her to keep smiles healthy for many years. She provides patients in Gainesville and surrounding communities a dental experience that respects patient input and takes their preferences seriously.

Expect Kindness and Quality with Dr. Anh Pham

At your first visit, Dr. Pham will do a thorough assessment of your oral health, and she will offer tips on ways you can maximize your dental hygiene routine at home. She listens to your concerns and takes note of any dental issues that may need immediate attention.  Whether you have skipped dental care for many years, or you have disciplined oral health habits, Dr. Pham shows all her patients' equal respect. 

A hygiene treatment follows exams as part of your preventive treatment, and we provide excellent periodontal care to keep your gums free of disease.  

Children and patients with high anxiety are given special attention and gentle care, ensuring that they have time to grow accustomed to our office and staff. We offer a compassionate environment and provide additional sedation to patients who need help relaxing.     

Restorative and Cosmetic care in Gainesville, Virginia

Gainesville Sunday Dental is conservative in their care and their attitudes. We strive to keep your natural teeth healthy, functional and looking their best. All treatment options are presented to patients so they can partner with Dr. Pham in devising a plan that suits their needs and interest.

Dr. Pham restores health to teeth with everything from fillings to dental implants, and for those seeking to enhance the appearance of their teeth, she offers several cosmetic treatments that can dramatically affect the appeal of smiles. She understands that the physical condition of your teeth impacts your psychological state, and she offers solutions that will benefit both. 

Flexible Financing Options in Gainesville

Gainesville Sunday Dental offers several flexible financing options to help patients remove the barriers that may be preventing them from receiving the dental care they need. We work to optimize your insurance, so you receive all the services you are entitled to and the best care possible.

Call Gainesville Sunday Dental for Excellent Dental Care

Give Gainesville Sunday Dental Office a call. Dr. Anh Pham and her dedicated team put people at ease so they can achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.       


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