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Dental Implants

Learn More about Getting Dental Implants in Fairfax, VA

Before dental implants, tooth loss resulted in a permanent alteration to the look and function of the mouth. Traditional treatments for missing teeth offer some of the benefits of a natural smile, but they still fall short in providing many of the advantages of real teeth. With the advancement of technology, the dental office of Dr. Anh Pham offers dental implants, a virtual replacement of tooth function and beauty.

Health Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants provide the look and feel of natural teeth, and they offer valuable health benefits to the jawbone. The jawbone depends on the pressure and stimulus of chewing to maintain its form and strength. With a lack of use, the bone begins to atrophy, and a process called resorption begins. Implants prevent resorption by stimulating the growth of the jaw bone. 

Shrinkage of the jawbone can prematurely age the appearance of individuals. Implants help preserve the natural shape of the face by preventing bone loss.

Accurate Dental Implant Placement with Dr. Pham

Dr. Pham begins with an examination of the jaw bone to see if there is sufficient bone density to sustain an implant. In rare cases, individuals may require bone grafting to fortify the bone before treatment can proceed. 

Next, Dr. Pham strategically places titanium posts into the jaw bone, and because of the posts’ biocompatibility with the body, bone growth begins to surround the posts. Full integration of the posts into the jaw bone usually takes about four months. An abutment is used to attach a porcelain crown to the post. Patients are encouraged to give input as to the shape, color, and size of their crowns. Implants enhance the appeal of smiles, as well as restore the complete function of teeth.

A Variety of Beautiful Restorations 

Dental implants are used for single crowns, bridges, or a full arch of dentures. 

  • Single-unit crowns are used to fill in a gap anywhere in the mouth. 
  • Implant supported bridges use two or three dental implants for support. This eliminates the use of metal clasps attaching to neighboring teeth, saving teeth from wear and tear. 
  • Implant-retained dentures restore an entire arch of missing teeth, using anywhere from four to eight implants. Messy adhesives are not needed, and slippage of dentures is eliminated.

Caring Consultations at Gainesville Sunday Dental Care with Dr. Anh Pham

At Gainesville Sunday Dental Care, we want to see you smile. Call our compassionate team at the dental offices of Dr. Anh Pham. We listen to your goals and strive to give you an individualized plan of treatment. We hope to see you at our office in Gainesville, Virginia. 



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