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Periodontal Care

If you understood the critical role your gums play in the health of your smile and body, then you would understand why the dental office of Dr. Anh T. Pham takes care to offer excellent periodontal services. The gums protect against tooth and bone loss, and they can affect the heart and other vital organs. 
Dr. Pham teams with the expertise of Dr. Koh to provide a wide range of periodontal treatments to keep teeth strong, smiles beautiful, and bodies healthy. We serve the community of Fairfax, Virginia at our Chantilly office with quality and compassion.

Gum Maintenance

Healthy gums protect teeth and anchor them to the jaw. They provide a strong foundation so teeth remain securely intact. Most gum ailments are completely avoidable if good oral health habits are practiced. Brushing, flossing, and routine visits to the dentist keep gums free of the damaging effects of bacterial infections.

Non-surgical treatments for Gum Disease

Without consistent dental care, plaque, a mass of sticky bacteria, forms on teeth and invades the gums. The result is gingivitis, the swelling, and bleeding of gums. A trip to the office of Dr. Pham completely reverses the effects of gingivitis. Professional tools are used to reach underneath the gum line to remove plaque, and health is restored to the gums.

If professional cleanings are missed, then a serious gum disease called periodontitis can develop. Plaque can calcify into a substance called tartar, which grows under the gum line and on the entire surface of the tooth root. Tartar creates a chasm between the root and the gums, causing teeth to become loose and eventually fall out. 

Often non-surgical treatments called scaling and root planing can reverse periodontitis. Dr. Koh uses a scaling tool to remove stubborn tartar from the teeth and roots. Root planing is the meticulous smoothing, so the gums can reattach to the teeth’s surface. 

Surgical Treatments of Gum Disease

For severe cases of periodontistis, surgical intervention may be necessary. Gum surgery is an effective way to restore gum health. Dr. Koh may recommend the following surgical procedures: Gingival Flap Surgery - Separate gum from the teeth so tartar and plaque can be removed from pockets surrounding teeth. 

Gingival Graft - Graft tissue onto areas where gums have receded.

Gingivectomy or Osseous Surgery - Remove excess gum tissue.

Gingivoplasty - Reshape recessed gum tissue to restore gum line. 

Surgery for impacted teeth - Remove or exposure of impacted teeth

Cosmetic Periodontal Services

Periodontists can also enhance the appearance of smiles with a procedure called Crown Lengthening. If teeth are covered with an excess of gum and bone tissue, causing a “gummy” smile, Dr. Koh can remove tissue and expose more of the natural tooth. Crown Lengthening also prevents tooth decay by decreasing the depth of pockets between teeth where bacteria hide.  

Periodontal Care by Dr. Anh Pham and Dr. Koh in Fairfax, Virginia

Give the dental Professionals at the office of Dr. Anh Pham a call for your periodontal needs. He and Dr. Koh make certain that your gums remain healthy, appealing, and functional so you have the most beautiful smile possible. Their Chantilly office is in Fairfax, Virginia. 


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