The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

We are always looking for new and improved ways of providing our patients with the best dentistry possible. One way that we do this is through laser dentistry.

Even though lasers have been used in dentistry since the early 90's they have certainly been enhanced and improved to handle more and more issues and to provide some pretty amazing smile benefits along the way. Laser dentistry falls into two different categories: Soft tissue and hard tissue applications.

Soft-tissue laser: Diode lasers can help with problems such as gum disease. For example, carbon dioxide lasers are able to safely and quickly remove damaged tissue caused by advanced periodontal disease while keeping healthy tissue intact. This laser is also able to target nerves and blood vessels.

Some soft-tissue applications include:

  • Reshaping gummy smiles

  • Crown lengthening

  • Repairing soft tissue defects and congenital abnormalities

  • Treating cold sores

  • Removing benign tumors

  • Removing tissue to treat sleep apnea

  • A faster healing time

  • Less post-surgical bleeding

  • Less pain

  • Anesthesia may not be necessary

  • Lasers are sterile, which means there is less chance for an infection

  • Lasers are extremely precise, so less healthy tissue has to be removed

  • Less likely to need stitches with laser treatment

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